C10JBBP Spyderco Endura Damascus/Jigged Bone Folding Knife *VAULT ITEM*

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One of the most purchased Spyderco models is the Endura.  Initially released in the early 1990s, it continues improving and is still the gold-standard of workingmen and working women’s lightweight reliable folders.  It’s never been elegant or dressy but epitomizes function and cutting performance.  That is about to change.

Spyderco announces the release of a limited number Sprint Run of Enduras featuring blue-colored jigged-bone handle scales, blue titanium bolsters and a PlainEdge Japanese VG-10 Damascus blade.

A state-of-the-art cobalt stainless steel, VG-10 takes a highly retentive cutting edge.  The steel is produced through a process of stacking layers of erosive and non-erosive material over a VG-10 core center.  The erosive layers are hard martensite stainless steel and the non-erosive layers are anti-corrosion nonferrous metal.   These layers block carbon particles in the core from spreading to the outer layers.  After layering the blade is forged to intentionally distort the layer-lines making a complicated, artistically beautiful pattern called Suminagashi.  Suminagashi is the traditional Japanese art form of creating ripples of Chinese ink on the surface of water.  This steel mimics the art form with interesting results on a knife blade.  Once the layers are distorted, the blade is bathed in acid etching the pattern to vivid relief.  The result is an elegant swirled pattern steel that is superbly functional and highly attractive.

The folder’s titanium bolsters are blue-colored complementing the blue-colored jigged-bone handle scales.  Mid-positioned on the knife’s spine is a back lock featuring a cut-away David Boye Dent for added safely and a piped lanyard easily accepts a thong or cord for secondary attachment.

A dressy option for every Endura lover, it performs and feels like and old favorite but looks more like a custom piece and is guaranteed to be noticed.

The C10JBBP is clipless and comes in a padded zipper pouch.

length overall 8.75" (222 mm) blade length 3.86" (98 mm) blade steel VG-10 DAMASCUS
length closed 4.88" (124 mm) cutting edge 3.44" (87 mm) weight 5.2 oz (147 g)
blade thickness .118" (3 mm) handle material Blue Jigged Bone